Random Quest

2231(Consider Her Ways and Others)

Consider Her Ways and Others, by John Wyndham (Photo credit: danielweiresq)

Last night I happened upon a science fiction film, based on a short story by John Wyndham, called “Random Quest.” (BBC, 2006) It’s about an hour long, and well worth the time.

Watch Random Quest online | Free | Hulu.

What I loved about this story was how the science fiction element was used so well to make me rethink my own life.

The main character, Colin Trafford, is sucked into an alternate reality, a timeline of his life that never happened here. What he finds there is a better version of his life. Only–and here was the payoff, for me–the “Colin” who’s been living that life has been taking his happiness for granted.

The film has me thinking, even a day later, about my own choices, my own lack of perspective. I’m looking forward to tracking down the story.

In case, like me, you missed both the short story and the film, I won’t give any more of it away. But I’d say that if you’re looking for a film suited to getting the most from forced holiday time with the family, this is a good bet.

If you do decide to watch it, or you already know it: What did you think?


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