The Booth at the End

If you don’t happen to use Hulu, or you do but somehow didn’t notice “The Booth at the End,” you might be missing a real treasure. I highly recommend this mind-bending series. They’ve done 2 seasons, and both are brilliant. They’re web-only and only on Hulu. Here’s the link:

The Booth at the End

Before you rush off, two comments:

1) I wasn’t sure it was for me until episode 2. After that, I wanted to watch them all. Immediately.

2) The whole, remarkable series takes place in a diner. As in, every episode. All the dialogue. (It’s all dialogue.) And yet somehow you not only get caught up in it, you might even find yourself seeing more than they showed you. For me, it’s just that evocative.

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?


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