Baseball and Twitter

Last night, the only person still awake in the house, I turned to Twitter to help me vent my excitement about the Red Sox – Tigers game.

This is the postseason. I am, I will admit, deeply addicted to postseason baseball. I enjoy a good game any time; but the postseason reels me in and won’t let me go. As we’re still only in the League Championship Series this fine fourteenth of October, in the year 2013, I am also deeply exhausted. I have been up almost every night past midnight, watching somebody’s heroics. Last night was no exception.

But with the Red Sox and Tigers, it’s more personal. I’ve written before about my childhood infatuation with the Tigers. And now, having lived about a decade in Boston — among those years, 2004 — I am a serious fan of the Red Sox.

You might think this would cause consternation within my breast, but it doesn’t. I was more relaxed than ever last night, watching the game. This is because, I suppose, I can get happy but not all that sad, whatever the outcome. That, and my oldest son loves the Tigers — especially Miggy, Verlander, and Scherzer.

So I turned to Twitter for comradery. (My boy’s too young for these night games!) I learned two things.

1. Hashtags like #RedSox, #ALCS, and #postseason aren’t much help. You can’t possibly read what everybody’s saying and still watch the game. In fact, you can’t possibly read what everybody’s saying.

2. It was fun to do it anyway, because I got to make two very nice predictions, and they’re recorded on my Twitter account for all to see. Here’s what I wrote going into the 8th inning:


#Scherzer untouchable

Buchholz meltdown

Small #RedSox comeback in sixth

Bottom of 8th: miracle comeback?

When the Sox proceeded to load the bases and Tiger manager Jim Leyland brought in closer Benoit, with Ortiz coming up to bat, I wrote this:

Papi v. Benoit. Awesome. #postseason

It didn’t hurt my feelings to be right on both counts: Big Papi hit a grand slam on the next pitch, closing a 4-run gap with one swing. The Red Sox had mounted their miracle comeback. And I had asked for it — all but predicted it. Here’s my proof:

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 6.14.29 PM

My only regret is that I didn’t tweet my thought before Jonny Gomes got his base hit in the 9th. Here’s what I was going to say:

Gomes’ helmut is on tight. He’s ready. #RedSox

I didn’t get there. Probably wouldn’t have made sense to anybody but me. I chose to watch.

Why am I telling you this? Same reason I told Twitter.

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter @pylefantasy. I don’t usually Tweet about baseball.


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