Winter–Crisp, cold, and strange

I feel sleepy this time of year. Too many late nights and early mornings. Too much shivering in my office. Cold feet and cold hands, foggy breath and … I don’t even live up north any more.

North Carolina winters are an odd thing for me, even now. It isn’t that cold out there, but indoors it is. My house and my office are drafty, built for weathering warm summers before the advent of air conditioning. Winters, I suppose, were supposed to be about blankets and slippers and perhaps hot cider (Lord knows they don’t drink hot tea around here). Maybe it was bourbon.

Meanwhile, summers are usually too hot outdoors and too cold inside. I guess I’m a bit like Alice. Or Goldilocks. Yes, I feel that manly about it.

Today it’s the fourth day of Spring, but I jotted most of these thoughts a couple of months ago. Since I began this marathon post, we’ve seen more than one spring day, and a couple angling toward summer. Daffodils are in bloom now, and forsythia is almost done. There’s a tree out back with white blossoms and cherry trees at work bloomed yesterday. But we had some snow today and tonight it was abnormally crisp when I went out for a walk.

So that’s winter this year: cold and weird. Like a witch in a fairy tale. Or maybe that’s the prince or the princess I’m thinking of. Who could be colder than that princess in Hans the Hedgehog? Or weirder than … well, Hans the Hedgehog?

Ready for spring? Ready for baseball? The kids already started practice. We’ve been out with a basketball. We’ve done a school spring festival and Easter’s less than a month away. Maybe that’s what spring is waiting for: April 20.

I guess I can hold on a bit longer too, then.


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