Mythic fantasy

English: The Faerie Glen

The Faerie Glen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where does faerie meet life? For me, it’s in the reading and writing of mythic fantasy, that kind of fiction that imagines another world, one where the limits are different, the horizon has changed, and I look upon the world in a new light.

When the muses strike, I write stories where these things meet: faerie and the everyday world, nature and human nature, sorrow and magic, joy and wonder. I see in fantasy a way to explore both, by the meeting of the two. The best tales, I think, do that–show us what comes out of a tale as old as the hearth, in a moment as new as my last breath.

Faerie, or elfland, the fair realm, the otherworld – this is a place that I, like you maybe, want to find. It may elude me, but I go on questing. Once you’ve been there, and your eyes have opened to its marvels, you come back with a changed vision. You see what you didn’t use to see, a kind of magic peeking out through nature. A lively spark that wasn’t there – almost isn’t there yet. A realness to things that used to seem flat.

And you want to go back.

If you’re interested in the Mythic Arts, I strongly recommend starting here:

Myth & Moor

Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen.

Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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